Sony’s new Active Shutter 3D Glasses

Author Jason Millis (Jas-n)

Posted18th January 2012

During the Sony’s CES press conference Kaz Hirai briefly spoke about the 3rd Generation of 3D active shutter glasses, but we didn’t get much information, nor did we get to see them.

However the guys over at SonyRumors, who were at CES made a video to tell us what they’re like. From what we can all see, they look awesome, light, and awesome.


Sony_3D_Titanium_GlassesWeighing in at a mere 1.2oz (34g), almost half the weight of the 2nd gen models, these glasses are designed to make as little impact as possible to your 3D viewing, after all, with heavier glasses, you have that consious though that you’ll have to wear them for a few hours, after which you’re ears and nose would have started to become sore from the weight.

These new glasses are made from a titanium frame, the arms come with 2 adjustable ear grips to enable 1 size of glasses to fit all. As before the glasses are chargeable via USB, with the battery and all the other electrical gubbins fit tightly between the two over-hanging shutter lenses.

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