The Vaio Concepts of CES 2012

Author Jason Millis (Jas-n)

Posted19th January 2012

CES isn’t just for products that are coming out within the next couple of years, it’s also a place to show off some of the ideas they come up with when let loose, as the following 2 Vaios go to prove. As concepts there is nothing to say that these will be future products, but it’s nice to take a look.

Vaio Slate Concept

The Vaio Slate concept is a variation of the tablet design, that comes in two parts, the touch-screen, and a keyboard, which follows the same design shape. If you do want to use the keyboard instead of the touchscreen, you’ll be able to “pull out” (what we’ll currently call) the built in stand and have the screen sit up at a perfect viewing angle.

The back of the screen is covered by a special soft material so it can sit comfortably within your hand or on your lap. The special part is that the material IS the stand, “rigidifying” into a stand in some way that isn’t currently possible. See what I meant about ideas that come about when the mind goes wild?

Vaio Hybrid Concept

The Vaio hybrid is a vaguely similar concept to the Vaio Slate Concept, but instead of a separate touchscreen and keyboard, the Hybrid Concept is a single unit which looks very similar to current models, so is more likely to hit the shelves in the future. In this concept the touchscreen sits over the keyboard (facing up), then when you want to use the keyboard, the screen simply slides up to reveal the keyboard then round for you to position it for the perfect viewing angle. Similar to a laptop, but instead of pushing the screen back once you’ve opened it, you’re  pulling it forward.

as well as using your fingers to control the screen, the Hybrid Concept comes with a stylus to enable precision drawing and signing on the touch-screen, instead of using, what can sometimes be, an awkward mouse.


To give you a better understanding of these concepts, SGNL has us covered.

(Video via SGNL)


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