Sony Ericsson Sweeps the Board at iF Desgin Awards

Author JoeNickols

Posted12th March 2012

Well if looks could kill then Sony Ericsson (SE) would’ve got rid of a lot of competition yesterday. On 9th February SE won 4 of the 16 awards that were available at the prestigious iF design awards. The phones that win are selected from hundreds of entries, which means that this is a huge deal for the the winners. So to win four of these awards is an incredible achievement and Sony Ericsson, soon to be Sony Mobile Communications, should be very proud.

The phones that won an award are:

All were praised for their diverse appeal on the market and for being identifiable from their competitors by use of colours and texture. With the judges claiming:

‘The interplay of different textures, of matte and high-gloss finishes and of tactile and coloured surfaces is particularly to the fore this year and serves, primarily, as a means of differentiation in the marketplace.’


The Xperia active won the most important accolade of the event, the ‘Gold Award’. This was awarded as ‘Xperia active is a very functional smartphone with a highly elegant design. Especially for sport users, it is the number one choice and the water and dust-resistance make it a very special product – a symbiosis of functionality and elegance.’ (Ralph Wiegmann, Managing Director of iF International Forum Design)


Xperia ray offers a dynamic shape in a this waistband that easily fits itself to the human hand. The aluminum accents were praised for adding a feel of luxury and durability to the phone.

Mix Walkman

The interchangeable colour band on Mix Walkman allows buyers to show their mood, personality and emotions, one of the more creative phones in this regard. The sharp lines on the front of the devise coupled with Sony’s human curvature design made the phone feel as unique and individual as the consumer!

mini pro

Xperia Mini Pro boasts a QWERTY keyboard that allows precision typing, perfect for work and play! The exciting lacquers, colours and strong use of caring textures add energy and fun to the device allowing it to easily stand out from the crowd.

So a big congratulations for Sony Ericsson as they are now in a really good position even before the Xperia S hits the market, and that has a body that even the Xperia active would be jealous of. I am so happy that Sony Ericsson won the Gold Award as I think that design is such an important part of their phones and I’m pretty confident that when someone picks up one of their phones they don’t say ‘This looks just like an iPhone’. And trust me that is a good thing… no one should want to look like an iPhone…



Radboud on 27/05/2017 at 12:14
Good to see Sony is on the right track. LOL at the last line ;-) BTW, I get the feeling that this piece is written a while back and only posted now. Sony Mobile Communications is already live isn't it?
Jas-n on 27/05/2017 at 19:20
Yeah, this was meant to go live when we changed the theme...

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