New Xperia To Be Announced When You Say

Author JoeNickols

Posted12th June 2012

Today Sony has announced that you, yes you, will be able to set the date for the reveal of the next Xperia!! YAY!! This is really great as I was wondering when the next announcement would be and I can now try and manipulate it into my busy schedule…. There is a countdown on Sony Xperia’s Facebook page and you can literally push time forward by clicking on their clock. You have the power to remove about 30 seconds from the clock, and it does look like it will get addictive, you can click once a day and I think I will keep clicking as it is so cool seeing those mighty digits fall. The original planned date of the announcement day was the 22nd June and it has been brought forward to the 20th June already. Which for being active less than 12 hours is pretty amazing.

If big ticking clocks are not your thing (I cant understand why they wouldn’t be… they are just the absolute most!!) Sony are also giving you the chance to win ‘secret prizes’, so if that is your thing I would get over there pronto.

According to PhoneArena the Xperia device will be “fun and colourful” so get excited as we may be treated to some more yellow…

UPDATE: As of 12/06/12 the launch has now been reduced to just 2 days away!!! In less than 24 hours of writing we have lost about 6 days! Wonder what it will be…

Sony Xperia Facebook Page


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