Sony Ericsson’s Julie Is Back

Author JoeNickols

Posted7th June 2012

Today a video featuring the elusive Sony Ericsson Julie hit the web! My heart leapt for joy… it lives it breathes!! As you may know the SE Julie (or as I affectionately call her Jules) is one of my favourite phones that I have seen. I would have loved to have been the man to buy the phone when it recently went up on to eBay, I can’t help but wonder if this is the very same phone in the video. The design is brilliant, compact and stylish – I couldn’t ask for more save for a yellow version (see my article on the Xperia go to see my obsession with colourful phones). The OS of Windows Phone 7 is incredible and would die to have it with a qwerty keyboard, I have always dreamt of a brilliant qwerty device but none have ever come my way, the fleet of UK Android phones seem to be lacking this brilliant feature…

Anyway getting away from my love letter to (my soon to be fiancĂ©e) Jules. The video show the phone functioning with the touch screen, we get a 360 view of the phone, see the qwerty and have a comparison in size to the iPhone. The OS does seem to be running a little slow on the phone but due to it being a prototype only we must look past this, the screen looks good and although not full ‘BRAVIA’ tech, it seems to have bright and bold colours. The back and top of the phone, which we haven’t seen properly yet, also seemed to look good, slightly disappointed by the curvy design but this was designed during SE’s love affair with ‘human curvature’ a la Xperia X10. Size wise, amazingly, it is not that much bigger than the iPhone and due to the inclusion of a full qwerty does seem like an incredible feat of engineering (not to mention it also looked better than the iPhone!). And talking about the qwerty, it looked delicious… a rubberised version of the Xperia Mini Pro which was always a dream to type with despite the compact size.

I can’t help but wonder, after seeing the video, why Sony is so reluctant to go forward with a Windows Phone. Jules could be great if it was optimized for the OS; it could be the NextGen phone to take WP8 to the new height Microsoft is desperate to reach.

Check out the video and I dare any Sony Ericsson/Sony Mobile fan boy not to squeal with desire for this gorgeous gal!


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