New PlayStation Slim Photo’s Leaked

Author Jason Millis (Jas-n)

Posted14th July 2012

Usually a console goes through multiple iterations throughout its life-time, usually these take place under the current case and involve changed like power consumption, and component sizes, making things better for consumers and keeping production costs as low as possible. Sometimes however, consoles take undergo a slimmer case change thanks to the room created by these smaller components, and to reduce production costs further.

We last saw this with the PS3 (commonly known as the ‘Slim’), the case got smaller, it dropped 2 USB ports, and swapped out touch-sensors for buttons, all of which make production cheaper and more efficient.

Today we (via TheSixthAxis and Tecnoblog) bring you the following leaked photo’s of a new PlayStation 3.

We’ll let you take a look before we look a bit deeper at what we can see.

[nggallery id=3]

Right, you back? Good.

In the first photo, you can see a vague similarity to the original, launch console. On-top, the split-levels indicate that the console will ditch the slot loading mechanism in favour of a manual one where you’ll place time disc in the console, similar to the original PlayStation.

From the next photo we can see the label, and the confirmation of the 4000 model number (the current PS3 carries the 2000 model number). Interestingly the label carries the Brazilian Agency of Telecommunications logo (Anatel), which is the equivalent of the of the FCC, so perhaps this is a model solely intended for South America.

The document over at Tecnoblog shows three models with different sized hard drives:

  • CECH-4011A – 16GB
  • CECH-4011B – 250GB
  • CECH-4011C – 500GB

We presume the hard drive size of the ‘A’ model is a typo, as it’s smaller than the launch consoles and the current PS3 comes in a 160GB variant.

There’s nothing much else we can say until we get an official announcement from PlayStation, apart from it’s coming.


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