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3D Experience App Update: 1st August

AuthorJason Millis (Jas-n)

Posted2nd August 2012


We’re back with some additional content for Sony 3DTV and 3D Blu-ray player owners, only 5 new items this month, totaling 12 minutes and 15 seconds, but add that to the other content and we have a grand total of 5 hours, 26 minutes and 29 seconds, so plenty to keep you going.

Other things to note about the 3D Experience app is the arrival of a new category that should aid those with a slower-than-recommended (<8Mb) internet connection, so more people have an opportunity to experience the wide range of 3D that’s available, which is good.

A second category, which is currently filled with placeholders, is ‘Storm Surfers 3D’, which appears to be a series of episodes, we’ll find out for sure soon.

Also coming soon, are highlights from Wimbledon 2012 and ESPN’s 2012 X Games.

As for the new content you can watch now, here’s the usual list:

Category Title Time
For Lower Internet Speed NECOZUKU 1:45
Movie Animation The Pirates: Band of Misfits – Clip 1:46
World Heritage Wieliczka Salt Mine, Cracow’s Historic Centre 3:28
Nature Clips The Twin Giant Pandas “Kaihin & Youhin” Nap Time 3:04
“Moments of Happiness” – Snow Monkeys in Hot Spring Japan 2:12

As always you can find the list of content on the 3D Experience App, under the Additional Contents menu on the site, or through this handy link.


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