This is Who Won That Xperia U

Author Jason Millis (Jas-n)

Posted1st August 2012

A little over a week ago, we joined forces with Sony Mobile’s Xperia Unleashed campaign, to bring you a great competition that would see one of you being the proud owner of a Brand New Xperia U.

Well here we are, 43 comments and 9 poems later, so I think it’s time we sift through them, and see which one butters me up the most.

These 3 were close (in no order):

I would go to London zoo and hide out with the meerkats! I believe I would quickly rise through the ranks to become their leader and have them all hide me and defend against Leaderbot coming to reclaim me!


I’d suggest London, home of UK R&B, they will love the bots there and nake them feel so at home, because…..

They like big bots and they cannot lie,
Them robots can’t deny,
When a X-Bot walks in with little skinny legs,
And a round thing for a head,
You get sprung, better scan him son,
Because you just might be the one,
Deep in tummy he’s hiding,
Lots of swag and cool ‘tings,
My homeboys tried to warn me,
But that swag you’ve got makes me so horny.


I’d hang out with Jas-n, ‘cos I’m sure that as a true Sony fanatic he’d never turn me in 🙂 . I can see it now, me getting to know the rellies (ol’ PS3, Bravia – he’s big in Cinema). Even the old folks maybe (I’ve heard there still might be a Walkman tape machine in one of Jas-n’s cupboards!). We could sneak out for picnics. He could bring the fish, I’d bring the chips 😉 . And after I take some sunset snaps for the album I could use my perfect sense of direction to get us home in the dark. I’d be so happy I’d never want to phone home, like my brother-in-law E.T. did. What do you reckon Jas-n?

However, this one won, because of its romantic, poetic nature.


I’d take us to the Shetland Isles
Somewhere nice and quiet
where there are no ice cream sellers
so I can stick to the diet

there’d be no rain
just lots of sun.
Sun, sex and sangria
oh this could be rather fun

we’d frolic in the sand
stick a toe in the water
A son would be nice
but I’d rather have a daughter

we’d live the life of riley
in our cabin upon the beach
keeping tabs on the world
we’d have a laptop each

we’d be so happy, so content
we could ride around on ponies
hiding from that leaderbot
whose trying to take over Sony’s

We’ll never be found
just us 3
so what do you think Xperiabot
will you come with me?

So congratulations kaelea, you should have an email (if not, contact us).

To close off this post we have a map of where you’d go if you were an Xperiabot.
Enjoy, and see you next time.

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One comment

kaelea on 27/05/2017 at 15:27
Yay! me and XperiaBot are off to make babies woop woop Thank you!!

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